Like the six immensely powerful Avengers Infinity Gems, Evan’s Avengers Foundation has six equally powerful gems to get you involved.

TIME | Volunteer

We will be needing volunteers to help with Fundraising events or Hospital Holidays.

REALITY | Donate

Help us make a difference and fund current research projects.  You can donate yourself or ask your company to be a sponsor. Donate Now.

POWER | Write Your Congressman

Write your Congressman and let them hear your voice fighting to increase the percentage of funding. Start by finding your representative.

SOUL | Social Media

Spread the word on your social media – help us educate others by explaining the underfunding of Childhood Cancer research on Facebook and other platforms.

SPACE | Fundraisers

Create Your Own Fundraiser!  It’s great to step out of the box and think of creative ways to fundraise! Just contact us.

MIND | Go Gold

Wearing bows in your hair, tying a bow to your tree, wrapping a gold wristband- how else can you go gold? See some examples on our Instagram page.


For the past 2 years Evans Avengers has been honored to be a part of Hospital Holidays


We will be needing volunteers to help with Fundraising events or Hospital Holidays


Who doesn’t like picking their own pumpkins?  The children at the hospital are unable to attend pumpkin patches due to the allergens in the hay and potential mold so we bring in artificial pumpkins for them to pick and decorate. A photo op is also available!


The beautiful lights that can frame a window add a little cheer to a hospital room so we add lights, blankets and a present to our Christmas bags.

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